From start to finish, concept through harvest, the ProName Media team excels in all facets of developing a successful Internet property.

Spun out of Internet Development Corporation in January 2008, ProName Media took new life as a stand-alone media and Internet development company. Comprised of a talented team, key domain name assets and focused development, ProName starts with an idea and builds it into a self-supporting profitable business. Then, after taking a quick breathe to acknowledge the success, we repeat the process.

Currently, ProName is developing - yeah same state we live - with vast but attainable ambitions of creating the most comprehensive statewide resource for both residents and vistors to the great state of South Dakota. Phase I of has been launched and the site is in the continuous build phase adding new content, features and expanding offerings on a regular basis. We will continue to build as a core property holding that will benefit our company and the state of South Dakota, its businesses, visitors and residents.

As for what's next, check in from time to time. We will keep you updated when our next creation rolls out of "the shop."


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